Laurel Ann Woodbridge – Owner

I listen for a living. I specialize in other people’s thoughts, statements and ideas, so writing my bio is a little foreign to me. Here’s the housekeeping part:

Thirty years as a court reporter.

More acronyms…RPR, CRR, CCR (Missouri and Kansas), CSR (California), and a B.S. in Business Management from UOP (it all looks worse in Steno).

Stenograph Certified Training Agent (The premier software for Court Reporters).

Now for the juicy stuff. I love what I do. I’m good at it because of a single fault…I’m a perfectionist. It drives my husband crazy. He says I can’t get from the kitchen sink to the garage door to leave the house without doing 15 things in-between.

I bodybuild. I know that’s unusual for a woman, but I’m good at it for the same reason I’m good at my job. And it’s where I find I relax the most. I need to be invisible on the job. In bodybuilding, I’m out there for everyone to see.

I also enjoy scuba diving and reading and spending time walking with my two German Shepherds, Jep and Nena. And there’s the occasional cigar with my husband, who you see more often with one than without.

Finally, I’m about family, and even though most of mine are 600 miles away, we remain close and look out for one another. I do the same for our clients.